We are a group of local people offering accommodation to visitors coming to Lesvos.
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Beach Houses I & II Testimonials
Mystegna, Lesvos island, Greece

Skala Mystegna
An honour to be the first in the book and second to stay here
While we believe July is high season in Greece, we saw only locals and only Greek tourists
(not a pasty English person in sight....)
The house is amazing, perfect location and perfectly set up.
We enjoyed five swims a day, starting before breakfast and continuing until 7.30 pm.
The unlimited visibility was incredible (though didn't manage to catch any fish)
In between swims, I enjoyed sunbathing on the deck upstairs while Indy sheltered downstairs in the cool.
Thanks a heaps, we'll be back
Sarah and Indy,
New Zealand.

Exquisite stay in this charming new house
Long life to Kyparissis Beach House
Dominque and Gail

12-9 -2006
A wonderful authentically Greek holiday with all the perfect ingredients; beach on the doorstep, solitude if you desire it, and luxury apartment, splendid tavernas to choose from and sheep, goats and even donkeys wandering free.
It's good to live amongst the local people here and be so warmly welcomed by them.
Thank you Melinda and Theo for your kindness and warm welcome.
We'll be back for sure
Bryan and Shirley Ecceles
Northington, Hampshire England.

We came needing to "wind down" it happened instantly!
Idyllic surroundings, warm weather, superb accommodation, lovely people, we could write a poem! But alas........
We will return (all being well)
Margaret, Steve, John and Carol

Kyparissis Beach House No 2

June/July 06
It can be risky booking a holiday on the internet and may not live up to expectation.
Our stay here has exceeded expectation - the beautiful house, so tastefully and thoughtfully renovated with absolutely everything provided, to a very high standard;
The fantastic position just metres from the sea; the peace and quiet; the friendliness of the locals.
It has been just perfect
Sue and Nikolas Tsoukala

Thank you for providing the perfect holiday home.
We had intended to do quite a bit of exploring while we were here but ended up doing much less than intended as it was too much of a struggle to tear ourselves away from this beautiful spot!
This has been our first visit to Lesvos but it most certainly won't be our last.
Next stop this year is 'Captain's View'.
Can't believe it can be as idyllic as this but we'll be happy to be proved wrong! 
Thank you from us all
Pete, Jane, Thomas and Richard Bennett

Our holiday here really only had one flaw: It was too short!
We loved staying in this beautiful, peaceful place and only hear the quiet sound of the waves when we woke up in the morning and when we went to bed at night.
We wish we didn't have to go back to work!
Elena, Antonio, Daniele and Federico

14-9 2006
This is just what we were looking fan hoping for, Peace and relaxation, very Greek and ideally situated for trips to other parts of the island. 
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will return.
Thank you 
Andy and Sarah

We have had a wonderful time in the beach house in Skala Mystegnon.
An ideal place for a family like ours.
Waking up in the morning to the sound of the fish monger offering fresh fish from the bay and then frying or grilling it for dinner.
Relaxing on the "private" beach in front of the house or taking trips for the day to interesting places around Lesvos, returning in the evening to tranquille Skala Mistegnon,
A perfect holiday the whole 13 days
A family from Iceland
Gudjon Einrsson
Bryndis Jonsdollir
Maria Ramgudjonsdottir
Sigurjon Arn Goudmindsson
Gudjon Teitur Sigurjonsson (1 year old)

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